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Optimize Your CNC Machine Performance and Quality with Post Processor FANUC 18i For Solidcam

Post Processor FANUC 18i For Solidcam

CNC machining is a process of creating parts or products from various materials using computer-controlled machines. CNC machines can perform various operations such as milling, turning, drilling, cutting, engraving and more. To control these machines, a special type of software called CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) is used. CAM software allows users to design and program the toolpaths and movements of the machine tools based on the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model of the part or product.

Post Processor FANUC 18i For Solidcam

However, CAM software alone is not enough to communicate with the CNC machines. Different CNC machines have different controllers that use different languages or formats to interpret the commands and instructions from the CAM software. This is where a post processor comes in. A post processor is a software that converts the generic toolpaths and movements from the CAM software into specific NC (Numerical Control) code that can be executed by a particular CNC machine controller.

In this article, we will focus on one specific post processor: Post Processor FANUC 18i For Solidcam. This post processor is designed to optimize the 5-axis capabilities of FANUC 18i controller using Solidcam software. We will explain what are the features and benefits of FANUC 18i controller, what are the advantages of using Solidcam software for CNC programming, how to install and configure the post processor for FANUC 18i in Solidcam, how to use the post processor to generate NC code for FANUC 18i from Solidcam, how to optimize the NC code for FANUC 18i using the post processor settings and options, how to verify and simulate the NC code for FANUC 18i using Solidcam tools, and finally, we will conclude with some recommendations and tips for best practices and troubleshooting. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about post processor FANUC 18i for Solidcam.

What is a post processor and why is it important for CNC machining?

A post processor is a software that takes your CAM toolpaths and converts them into NC code that your specific CNC machine can utilize. It is essentially an interpreter, translating the language of your design into commands that the machine can follow.

A post processor is important for CNC machining because it ensures that your CNC machine can accurately and efficiently produce your part or product according to your design specifications. Without a proper post processor, your CNC machine may not understand or execute your CAM toolpaths correctly, resulting in errors, waste, damage or poor quality.

A good post processor should be able to:

  • Support the features and functions of your CNC machine controller

Optimize the performance and quality of your CNC machine dcd2dc6462


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