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Archicad 12 Goodies Download NEW!

the search window basic add-on not only gives you access to all ui-objects from the archicad outliner, but it also has powerful search criteria that you can use to find object paths, ui-objects, users and even messages. check the users documentation to learn more.

archicad 12 goodies download

the architecture connection-internal add-on provides direct access to the database engine within archicad. this means that you can directly modify the database, look up information or even insert new objects via a dialog. this functionality has never been easier. just use the connection-internal add-on. now that we have this working, its time to release the next version of our add-ons, because we can now start thinking about it and preparing for the future.

the custom properties add-on is designed for highly specialized archicad users: architects or surveyors that rely on a configurable work flow to start working on a project. this includes properties to store project-related information like custom info, references, company-logo, colors and more. you can also define or edit line properties like properties, dimensions, quantities and more. there is also a settings dialog to define how the add-on is used.

the places add-on is a good companion for the custom properties add-on. it provides a handy tab bar that you can use to navigate directly to all places in the archicad model. it supports both absolute paths and relative paths. the attribute editor and the search dialog are also included.

the dpi add-on gives you an easy way to increase or decrease the dpi settings in the archicad-engine. no matter which archicad version you are using, the dpi-add-on will work perfectly. and you can even use it to adjust other settings like window size, canvas size and more.


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