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Diamond Of The First WaterBridgerton : Season 1...

The Bridgerton girls discuss Daphne's presentation. Eloise wants to go visit with Penelope since her presentation didn't go quite as well. She's not as thrilled by it as the others, even when Daphne reminds her that the better she does, the better chance the rest of them have. Their mother brings in new dresses, and all but Eloise flock to them. Eloise is busied instead with Lady Whistledown's paper. She reads some of the contents aloud and draws the others' attention away. Daphne and their mother are pleased to see that Daphne has been named the season's Incomparable, a diamond of the first water.

Diamond of the First WaterBridgerton : Season 1...

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After the couple welcomes their first child on the season one finale of "Bridgerton," the duke remarks that they'll have to choose a name for their son that begins with "A" to follow the Bridgerton family tradition of naming their offspring in alphabetical order.

Their sole focus is to have Daphne, the eldest daughter, married by the end of her first debutante season. Royally proclaimed as flawless by the queen herself and a diamond of the first water by Lady Whistledown, Daphne becomes the focus of every eligible suitor on the marriage market.

Season two of Bridgerton is available to stream on Netflix from 25 March 2022. Season one is streaming now.Check out our lists of the best historical movies and documentaries on NetflixHow to read Bridgerton?Buy the first book now on Amazon, Waterstones or Bookshop.orgBridgerton season two trailer:AuthorsElinor EvansDigital editorElinor Evans is digital editor of She commissions and writes history articles for the website, and regularly interviews historians for the award-winning HistoryExtra podcast

If you've found yourself absolutely engrossed in all things Bridgerton over the last month, you're certainly not alone. We can see why it would be hard to not go around calling yourself the "diamond of the season" or saying you "burn" for certain crushes or celebrities, however, those aren't the only Regency period slang you could be using. The cast of Netflix's Bridgerton recently put their own Regency slang knowledge to the test with words and phrases like "rake" and "diamond of the first water." Hearing Regé-Jean Page call Simon a "Regency f*ckboy" while Phoebe Dynevor pointed brought a smile to our faces. We also may or may not have had on repeat the Bridgerton boys' (aka Jonathan Bailey and Ben Miller) reaction to what "cock up one's toes" meant. You can test your own knowledge in the full video above. 041b061a72


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