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Dell M4600 Driver Cab

I've had the same problem with the E6510 in the beginning. Some drivers cannot be imported into sccm. I know there are some problems with soundcards and biometric devices. For them you need to take the hardware id and search for a more appropriate driver elseware and test if it's the good one.

Dell M4600 Driver Cab

The ST Micro driver in this CAB is the ONLY one that worked for me.Every single driver other than that one failed. I just find it hard to believe that nothing else in that CAB is legit

So I tried importing the Optiplex 390 CAB and received the same failure for every single driver; however, when importing the Optiplex 380....every driver imported perfectly, except for 1 that failed. This would lead me to believe it to be an issue with the CAB drivers for these particular models.... As soon as I can find out which CAB file and model the gentleman on TechNet was able to successfully import I should be able to validate this.

These are only fairly new driver packages but I have tested them and imported them on 3 seperate single primary sites and with success.You may not need them all but if it works for you it will let you carry on!

For the Intel CPU platform, you need to manually install Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) driver during the Windows installation process. You can also refer to the Intel document of How to Configure RAID or Intel Optane Memory with Intel RST on an Intel VMD Capable Platform.


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